Unfolding Truth: Opening Reception

Thanks so much to everyone who came to last Tuesday evening’s opening of Unfolding Truth at Salt Lake City Community College’s George & Dolores Doré Eccles Gallery. The exhibition is absolutely beautiful, showcasing 11 DPF awardees. The 7:00PM panel discussion was lively and informative. Many thanks to Theo Stroomer, Kim Raff and Preston Gannaway for sharing their many insights into the lives of documentary photographers. Unfolding Truth will be on display until April 11, 2016. Come down the SLCC’s South Campus Center for Arts and Media to see the show.

We are very grateful to the following for making the show possible:

Digital Silver Imaging
Hahnemühle USA
A & C Events
Salt Lake Community College’s Center for Arts & Media
Sheraton Salt Lake City

The exhibition catalog will be available to purchase through our website for a $20 donation. It features 5 images from each photographer along with a description of the awarded projects. To order, click on the “Donate to TheDPF” button on the site and write “catalog” in the Purpose box. Enjoy the show even if you couldn’t make it to Salt Lake in person!

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