Spring Call-for-Entries 2016

Our newest Call begins on April 30. Today! Remember, this Call is a little different from our previous ones in two ways.

  1. Our new submission process: we now have an online form for you to download, fill out and submit along with your portfolio. We would like to receive the submission as one Dropbox file, titled with your name. The new form will streamline the process for you and for us.

Please be sure to carefully read the directions and follow them completely. A sure way to not receive funding is to leave something out or submit incorrectly.

  1. We have a themed award to go along with the Established Artist Award. The Economic Divide award will be awarded to a photographer living/working in the United States and will look at this issue from a local perspective.

The Established Artist Award, as always, is open to any and all on any topic local to the photographer.

Our Emerging Vision Award will return in the autumn.

If you have any questions about the process, the awards, or the method of submission, please email us at info@thedocumentaryprojectfund.org