The Economic Divide: A Themed DPF Award


Spring Call-For-Entries


The news cycles are full of tales about the ever-expanding gap between rich and poor in the United States. Election politics play the problem in different ways but we can’t deny the shrinking of the middle class is changing our country. This Spring, we are offering a special themed $5000 award, The Economic Divide, for a project that explores this issue. As with all DPF awards, we are looking for a project both local to the photographer and relevant outside the community. The Economic Divide Award is open to all United States based photographers.

As you develop your submission, be sure to stay focused and clear about how you want to tell your story. Of course, there are many paths you can choose, many aspects of the issue to cover, and loads of interesting people to talk to and focus on. As always, the awarded project proposal will focus on a compelling story and be accompanied by a portfolio that is strong from first to last image.

The application procedure for The Economic Divide Award will be the same as the Established Artist Award. Read through the directions completely and follow them to the letter.

Along with the themed award, we will also offer our Established Artist Award of $5000 to photographers in any location worldwide. The Emerging Vision Award will return in the fall.

Good luck! If you have questions about these awards, feel free to email them to Lynn at:


Spring Call-for-Entries

April 30 – May 31, 2016