Frame by Frame: A Fundraiser to Benefit TheDocumentaryProjectFund

Support TheDPF and see a great film at the same time

Frame by Frame
a film by Alexandria Bombach and Mo Scarpelli

After decades of war and an oppressive Taliban regime, four Afghan photojournalists face the realities of building a free press in a country left to stand on its own. Beautifully photographed and compellingly filmed, Frame by Frame is a testament to the importance of photojournalism in the world today. 
Please join us for a screening of this amazing film.

November 9, 2017
6 PM

Westminster College, Gore Auditorium
Bill & Vieve Gore School of Busines1840 South 1300 East
Salt Lake City, UT

Suggested Donation: $25

Reception and appetizers prior to the screening.
We will raffle off a beautiful framed print by Awardee Brendan Hoffman.
Fill up that empty spot on your wall with a photograph from our Print Sale.
Enjoy good company as you support Documentary Photographers working on projects that impact their communities and beyond.

2016 in Makiivka, Ukraine. © Brendan Hoffman



Holiday Print Sale Fundraiser

Holiday Print Sale Fundraiser
Will You Help Us?

As you well know, TheDocumentaryProjectFund is a nonprofit run by artists for artists. On November 16, 2016 we’ll host our first Holiday Print Sale in Salt Lake City (and via e-sale) in order to raise the $10,000 needed to fund our next grant cycle.

We are asking you to donate your unique, valuable work for our fundraiser–our donors love your art! Please help us continue our support of documentary photography by donating a print for us to sell or a file for us to print and sell. We would like images of all types—landscape, documentary, or fine art.

With your support we will be able to continue to award four grants per year. You’ll receive a tax receipt for the amount you designate. We will be sure that everyone sees your work and is aware of your support and generosity. We will also send grateful thanks and good karma your way.

Thanks so much for your help. Please let us know if you are willing to participate by either calling or emailing Lynn ( (801 244-5087). We have provided a form on the website for you to fill out detailing price and size preferences. We’d like to receive print files by October 14 and prints by November 1. If you are in the area, please join us for the festivities and bring a friend—or six! There will be libations and appetizers, great folks and, of course, wonderful art.

We can’t do it without you. So many thanks.

TheDocumentaryProjectFund Board of Directors
​​Lynn Hoffman-Brouse
​​Tim Dolan
​​Christine Baczek
​​Terry Martin
​​Marlene Plumlee
​​David Baddley

Donation Form for the Holiday Print Sale: Donation Form

Some Submission Advice from Lynn

10 things to think about as you prepare your submission:

  1. Spend some time on our website. Read our mission statement. Understand what we are looking for in a submission and gear yours accordingly. Don’t lie about what you will be doing, but think in terms of how your project fits into our organization’s mission.
  2. Look at the work we’ve previously funded.
  3. Read the directions completely. Not following them to the letter, or leaving out a piece of the application is a sure path to a turndown.
  4. If you are preparing to submit to more than one organization, be sure to personalize each one. We’ve received application forms for other grants and applications that used another organizations name instead of ours in the project proposal.
  5. Write clearly and concisely. A word of caution: not to scare anyone off but, our Board of Directors is filled with teachers and, while we won’t be pulling out the red pencils, we will be looking for project descriptions that are well written and easily understandable.
  6. Have someone proofread your writing. Twice.
  7. The portfolio is to be between 10 and 15 images. Make sure those images work well together, tell the story you want to tell and show us your photographic chops. You don’t have to have 15; if you want to send 10 or 11 fabulous images, do that instead of adding others as fill in. If you have already begun your project, send us a selection of those. If you haven’t begun, pick a project that you are proud of.
  8. Show your portfolio to someone you trust. Editing our own work is difficult at best, and at times, impossible. Don’t feel you have to take another’s advice but remember that we have no idea what it took to get that photograph. You have a very personal connection to your work. Sometimes a viewer without those ties can help you to see what works and what doesn’t.
  9. Don’t wait until the last minute to submit. If there is a problem with your application, we won’t be able to let you know about the issue if we receive it on May 31 at 11:59PM.
  10. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t receive an award. Ask for feedback and I will be honest with you. You can accept that advice in the spirit it’s offered in and move on to the next opportunity or not!


Remember, TheDPF exists because we want documentary photography and photographers to thrive. This is a difficult business but such a rewarding one. We want you to succeed.

Spring Call-for-Entries 2016

Our newest Call begins on April 30. Today! Remember, this Call is a little different from our previous ones in two ways.

  1. Our new submission process: we now have an online form for you to download, fill out and submit along with your portfolio. We would like to receive the submission as one Dropbox file, titled with your name. The new form will streamline the process for you and for us.

Please be sure to carefully read the directions and follow them completely. A sure way to not receive funding is to leave something out or submit incorrectly.

  1. We have a themed award to go along with the Established Artist Award. The Economic Divide award will be awarded to a photographer living/working in the United States and will look at this issue from a local perspective.

The Established Artist Award, as always, is open to any and all on any topic local to the photographer.

Our Emerging Vision Award will return in the autumn.

If you have any questions about the process, the awards, or the method of submission, please email us at



The Economic Divide: A Themed DPF Award


Spring Call-For-Entries


The news cycles are full of tales about the ever-expanding gap between rich and poor in the United States. Election politics play the problem in different ways but we can’t deny the shrinking of the middle class is changing our country. This Spring, we are offering a special themed $5000 award, The Economic Divide, for a project that explores this issue. As with all DPF awards, we are looking for a project both local to the photographer and relevant outside the community. The Economic Divide Award is open to all United States based photographers.

As you develop your submission, be sure to stay focused and clear about how you want to tell your story. Of course, there are many paths you can choose, many aspects of the issue to cover, and loads of interesting people to talk to and focus on. As always, the awarded project proposal will focus on a compelling story and be accompanied by a portfolio that is strong from first to last image.

The application procedure for The Economic Divide Award will be the same as the Established Artist Award. Read through the directions completely and follow them to the letter.

Along with the themed award, we will also offer our Established Artist Award of $5000 to photographers in any location worldwide. The Emerging Vision Award will return in the fall.

Good luck! If you have questions about these awards, feel free to email them to Lynn at:


Spring Call-for-Entries

April 30 – May 31, 2016

Unfolding Truth: Opening Reception

Thanks so much to everyone who came to last Tuesday evening’s opening of Unfolding Truth at Salt Lake City Community College’s George & Dolores Doré Eccles Gallery. The exhibition is absolutely beautiful, showcasing 11 DPF awardees. The 7:00PM panel discussion was lively and informative. Many thanks to Theo Stroomer, Kim Raff and Preston Gannaway for sharing their many insights into the lives of documentary photographers. Unfolding Truth will be on display until April 11, 2016. Come down the SLCC’s South Campus Center for Arts and Media to see the show.

We are very grateful to the following for making the show possible:

Digital Silver Imaging
Hahnemühle USA
A & C Events
Salt Lake Community College’s Center for Arts & Media
Sheraton Salt Lake City

The exhibition catalog will be available to purchase through our website for a $20 donation. It features 5 images from each photographer along with a description of the awarded projects. To order, click on the “Donate to TheDPF” button on the site and write “catalog” in the Purpose box. Enjoy the show even if you couldn’t make it to Salt Lake in person!

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