Kim Raff ~ April 2015

20150125-kim pic

Kim is a freelance documentary, editorial and reportage photographer based in Salt Lake City, Utah. After receiving a degree in visual journalism from Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY she went on to a seven-year career in newspapers, which included staff positions with The Salt Lake Tribune and The News & Advance.

She specializes in documentary photojournalism, seeing stories in her own back yard and capturing intimate portraits of the human experience. Kim loves finding beauty in the average moments of life and believes photography has the ability to show us the similarities we all share as people. Her craft has drawn her into people’s living rooms, pulled her onto mountain tops, and humbled her at gravesides; from the Deep South to the American West.

Kim’s project, “Land of the Free”, will focus on a new wave of militias is emerging throughout the United States. They are increasingly organized, well-armed and steadily recruiting members into a club long lionized as a fringe movement welcoming the collapse of society. Although, in reality, that is not the flag many of today’s militias are flying the highest, if at all. The gut of their cause is often relevance as opposed to reclusiveness. For more than a year and a half she has captured the United Sentinel Militia as it weathers through an identity crisis less of their own design rather than of the society they see themselves preparing to defend. And in that time she has discovered a nuanced group more compelling than the caricatures that make their way onto TV and into print.