Carlo Gianferro ~ October 2015


Carlo (b. 1970, Italy) is a freelance photographer based in Rome. He worked from 2004 to 2008 with the Romanian and Moldavian wealthy Roma communities. Two books were a result of this long term project: “Gypsy Architecture” by German Axel Menges Editions and “Gypsy Interiors” published by Italian Postcart Edizioni. In addition, Carlo has worked on personal projects in Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East. He’s now working on Italian issues exploring mental illness, exiled workers and other fragile communities. His photographs document people’s conditions and show them in an environment where the architectural setting is just as important as the human figures. Carlo has received several international awards, including 1st prize for his portrait stories from World Press Photo in 2009.

Carlo’s project, “Talk to the City” will tell an immigration story in a way we haven’t seen yet, by looking at how language learning can impact women’s assimilation into the culture. At this time, there are over 200,000 foreigners in Rome from 181 countries; a high percentage of them are women. The project “Talk to the City” aims to tell the story of some of these women, who participate in language classes run by various Roman social communities, and held in places such as parishes, schools or voluntary associations, using Rome’s neighborhoods as a backdrop.