Arthur Bondar ~ January 2013

Arthur Bondar PortraitArthur Bondar is a freelance photojournalist from Kiev, Ukraine. His projects have ranged from documenting the places of his youth, to portraits of WWII veterans.

Arthur is using his project support award from TheDocumentaryProjectFund to travel the Dneiper River in Ukraine, an area of environmental devastation. He wants to explore how “outdated technology and methods of extraction of iron ore, coal and many other minerals make these regions among the most polluted and hazardous in Europe. Industrial waste is causing additional environmental damage. Huge dumps and waste heaps cover a large area of Ukraine, affecting our groundwater, rivers and reservoirs.”

The portfolio Arthur submitted to TheDPF, Shadows of Wormwood, was a five-year project documenting the area around Chernobyl. He traveled throughout the Zone photographing the land and the people who live there.

“For me, the Exclusion Zone is a mystery. I want to show the mystical aspects of this land, where every inch is full of suffering and sorrow.”

And, see more of Arthur’s work at

Shadows of Wormwood_1.jpgShadows of Wormwood_10.jpgShadows of Wormwood_11.jpgShadows of Wormwood_12.jpgShadows of Wormwood_13.jpgShadows of Wormwood_14.jpgShadows of Wormwood_15.jpgShadows of Wormwood_16.jpgShadows of Wormwood_17.jpgShadows of Wormwood_18.jpgShadows of Wormwood_2.jpgShadows of Wormwood_3.jpgShadows of Wormwood_4.jpgShadows of Wormwood_5.jpgShadows of Wormwood_6.jpgShadows of Wormwood_7.jpgShadows of Wormwood_8.jpgShadows of Wormwood_9.jpg

Here & Now Contest Winner

Arthur Bondar continues to inspire us with his imagery of his native Ukraine during incredibly hard times. It is because of his work that we have chosen him as our cell phone contest winner.

Congratulations Arthur!


Signatures of War

Arthur has released a new book entitled “Signatures of War,” in which the design and layout of the book has clear intentions and concise meanings behind it all.

“The design of the book was made so well that you can feel the sense of history taking the book in your hand. The main idea was to create a heavy black piece of marble like you see at the memorials of WWII. When you open the book you see the original size intimate polaroids. From the cover you feel that WWII was a great tragedy for the whole country and the world and as soon as you come to the intimate polaroids you feel the hard destiny of every person, every veteran. White pages mixed with black, spreads like our life that create a perfect rhythm. In the middle of the book you can find the story of my grandmother that is printed on different texture old yellow paper. Coming to the end of the book you find the list of the names of all veterans that are in the book and the list looks like names on the black marble at WWII memorials.”

If you are interested in buying the book, you can order it here.