Alyssa Miserendino ~ July 2013


Alyssa Miserendino is entering a new phase in the work she began in 2009. Her new project will focus on the block she lives on and will bring her community together as participants in the work, sharing their own stories of home.

Our World Insideout has been a journey about the cycles of our homes; something often sacred, and something that is a bit of my obsession.”

To see more of Alyssa’s work, go to and

Here are some of the photos Alyssa submitted…


And, view her TED2013 Talent Search @TEDSauPaulo audition video…

And check out this film about Alyssa’s project by , Our World Insideout: Brazil (TEASER)…


Our World Insideout: Brazil (TEASER) from Isabela Alzuguir on Vimeo.